HSS Technical Articles Authored by Dr. Jeffrey A. Packer

Jeff Packer HSS Technical Articles Authored by Dr. Jeffrey A. Packer
Dr. Jeffrey A. Packer

Dr. Jeffrey Packer is an international authority and a leading expert in the field of tubular steel structures.  He serves as a Bahen/Tanenbaum Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada.  Dr. Packer also serves on technical committees for the American Institute of Steel Construction, Canadian Standards Association, Steel Tube Institute, American Welding Society, International Institute of Welding, and the International Committee for the Development and Study of Tubular Construction.  He has contributed several technical articles below on behalf of the Steel Tube Institute to assist practicing engineers and architects in HSS design.


Beam-to-HSS Column Moment Connections using Laser-Cut Columns

Overlapped HSS K-Connections: To Weld or Not Weld the Hidden Toe?

Round HSS Bolted End-Plate Connections under Axial Tension Loading


New Concepts for Bolted HSS Column Splices

Rectangular HSS K-Connections with Zero Gap

Welding in HSS Corners


Galvanizing HSS

HSS Bollards

HSS Connections with Rotated Members

Plate-Reinforced HSS Connections


Modeling HSS Trusses

Connection Design With High-Strength HSS

FE-Based Design of HSS Connections

Concrete-Filled HSS Connections

Laterally Offset HSS Connections


Welded Truss Connections between HSS Branches and I-Shaped Chords

Stepped HSS T- and Cross-Connections Under Branch In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Bending

HSS Knee Connections

HSS Poles


HSS Bending of Hollow Structural Sections

Multi-planar Welded Connections

Hidden Bolted HSS Splices


Heat Treating HSS

Rectangular HSS Connections Close to a Chord End

Weld Effective Lengths for Round HSS Connections

Mechanical Properties of HSS Corners Versus Flats


Round Branch-to-Rectangular Chord HSS Connections

HSS KT-Connections

HSS Splices


Transverse Plate-to-Square/Rectangular HSS Connections

Through Plate-to-Round HSS Connections

Design of Fillet Welds to Rectangular HSS

Concrete-Filled Double-Skin Tubes


Fatigue Life Extension Peening of Welds in Hollow Section Connections

Gusset Plate-to-HSS Column Connections Under Eccentric Brace Loads

HSS Seam Welds

Shear Lag in Slotted-End HSS Welded Connections

Charpy V-Notch Toughness Of HSS


Novel Bolted HSS Splice Connection


Welding of Hollow Structural Sections

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