GEMI Analysis Research

Steel conduit and EMT reduce electromagnetic fields by up to 95%, effectively shielding computers and sensitive electronic equipment from the electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by power distribution systems. Steel conduit and tubing are also excellent equipment grounding conductors and comply with the requirements of NEC® Article 250. Learn more about GEMI with the informative free resources below. The Georgia Institute of Technology has conducted research on both the shielding and equipment grounding attributes of steel conduit and tubing. The research results were published in the reports shown below and led to the development of the GEMI (grounding electromagnetic interference) Analysis Software program, also available for free download below.

GEMI Research Reports

Steel Conduit and EMT Enclosed Circuits: Analysis and Testing
Technical Report: Steel Conduit Enclosed Power Circuit Testing

GEMI Analysis Software

Download the GEMI Analysis Software to learn how steel conduit can shield against the effects of EMF in your electrical distribution systems, about its use as an equipment grounding conductor, and more.

History of GEMI Development

Why was GEMI developed? Read the background in this article from the August 2004 issue of IAEI News (International Association of Electrical Inspectors).

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