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Next Installment of Buy Clean California and the Steel Supply Chain

Hollow Structural Sections

Figure 1: Connection reinforcement with doubler plates: (a) example showing doubler plates beneath specific (compression) branches;

HSS Technical Articles Authored by Dr. Jeffrey A. Packer

Hollow Structural Sections

Jeff Packer is the Bahen/Tanenbaum Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada and Technical Consultant to…

Measuring HSS Tolerances

Hollow Structural Sections

EPD: Achieving Green Goals With HSS

Hollow Structural Sections

By Cathleen Jacinto, PE, SETechnical Consultant, Steel Tube Institute When we think of a steel mill, one might imagine a…

STI: Your Resource for Designing with HSS

Hollow Structural Sections

Two Experts on Environmental Product Declarations and Sustainability in Steel

Hollow Structural Sections

The design of rectangular HSS truss-type connections, in which the branches are laterally offset from the chord centerline, is not…

AESS Considerations Exposed

Hollow Structural Sections

A Quick Guide to Buy Clean California’s Steel Provisions

Hollow Structural Sections

Key Insights From a Global Expert on Blind Structural Fasteners, Welding and Beyond

Hollow Structural Sections

We spoke with Bob Shaw, founder and president of Steel Structures Technology Center, which focuses on technical education and cons…

HSS Blind Structural Fasteners

Hollow Structural Sections

“Blind” structural fasteners, also known as “one-sided” structural fasteners, are mechanical fasteners that allow the conn…

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