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HSS Capability Tool

Capability Tool

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Methods to Check Dimensional Tolerances on Hollow Structural Sections

Tolerance Guide

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Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) are manufactured in a wide array of square, rectangular and round sizes and adhere to the ASTM A500, A1085, A847 and A1065 ASTM specifications. See the materials resources below for more information.

Steel Tube Institute's Hollow Structural Sections Member Producers
Stack of square hollow structural sections

Understanding HSS Material Specifications: Which ASTM Should I Specify for HSS?

Stack of round HSS

A500 Versus A53: Different From the Inside Out

Mazak - laser cutting technology


The Steel Tube Institute offers an extensive collection of technical articles encompassing various topics, including fabrication. Authored by industry experts, these articles offer invaluable insights and best practices. Explore the featured fabrication articles below or access our complete HSS article library for comprehensive resources.

Figure 5: W-shape beams inserted into round HSS column, prior to welding (Adige-Sys SpA)

Beam-to-HSS Column Moment Connections using Laser-Cut Columns

Hartsfield - curved HSS

Bending of Hollow Structural Sections


Expert Tips for Cost-Effective HSS Specification and Fabrication

HSS structure 600x400 1 Fabricators

Heat Treating HSS

Sustainability - blue skies with green trees by a building

EPD: Achieving Green Goals With HSS

Salvador Dali Museum with hot-dip galvanized HSS

Galvanizing HSS


Insights from a Steel Fabricator: Overcoming Fabrication Challenges through Communication, Technology, and Experience


From stadiums and stores to bridges and museums, see how cost-efficient HSS enhanced the aesthetics of these structures. View all case studies.

Allianz Field - interior shot
Allianz Field - featuring HSS

Allianz Field

Landoll Agricultural Equipment utilizes hollow structural sections

Landoll Agricultural Equipment

Big R Manufacturing's pedestrian bridge featuring HSS

Pedestrian Bridge


STI offers both live and recorded webinars dedicated to the fabrication of hollow structural sections. Explore the following sessions to equip fabricators and engineers with cutting-edge tools and insights for HSS fabrication.

Tempe Walk Bridge rendering
Eco-friendly structures

Revised Buy Cleaning California and the Steel Supply Chain

Measuring HSS tolerances - tools

Measuring HSS Tolerances

Stacks of square, rectangle and round HSS

Debunking the Myth of HSS Costs

Knox County Bridge - using galvanized HSS

Hot Dip Galvanizing HSS

Curved HSS Members

Curved HSS Members

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