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Standard pipe is the material of choice in such diverse applications as carrying gases, water, oil and other fluids, water well piping, plumbing and heating systems, refrigeration piping, fire protection systems, fencing, railings and many others. Products are produced to meet various specifications including ASTM A53.  It is suitable for welding and for forming operations such as coiling, bending and flanging.

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Benefits of Standard Pipe

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Tight Dimensional Tolerances

Standard pipe offers exceptionally close tolerances for OD, ID, and wall thickness dimensions which reduce waste and scrap loss, making fabrication and installation of standard pipe very efficient.


Can be produced to either A53 electric resistance weld pipe, Type E, Grade B or A53 continuous weld pipe, Type F, Grade A.


Surface finishes include black, passivate, galvanized, uncoated, pickled, picked and oiled, and soluble oil.

End Preparations

Can be purchased in plain end, roll groove, threaded and coupled, beveled or threads only (one end or both).

Quality Assurance

For Grade B material, hydrostatic testing is performed on plain-end pipe in accordance with the test pressures prescribed in ASTM A53.  Additionally, non-destructive testing of the weld seam is performed on each pipe NPS 2 and larger.  For Grade A material, a flattening test is performed for each pipe NPS 2 and larger to ensure the quality of the weld.


Standard Pipe is used for a wide variety of applications that require strength, durability, and ease of fabrication, including:

  • Conveying fluids (water, oil, etc) and gaseous mediums
  • Fire protection systems
  • Fencing, railing and posts
  • Water well piping
  • Plumbing and heating systems
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    Sprinkler Pipe

    Sprinkler pipe for building fire suppression systems is one standard pipe product also produced to ASTM A135/A795.

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