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HSS Live Webinars

Upcoming HSS Webinars

2024 Webinars Series

  • April 10 – HSS – How to Splice Your Slice or Plate It
  • May 8 – Brace Yourself – HSS Brace Design and Detailing
  • June 5 – HSS Fundamentals for the Fabricator and Designer
  • July 31 – What’s New in ’22, Part 1: An Inside Look at Design Guide 24 HSS Connections, 2nd Edition
  • August 28 – What’s New in ’22, Part 2: HSS Design Examples for the AISC 2022 Specification
  • September 18 – HSS and WF Case Study
  • October 30 – Debunking the Myths of HSS Costs
  • December 11 – How HSS Fit in a Seismic Force Resisting System (SFRS)

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2023 Webinars Series

  • March 1 – Reach New Heights With Jumbo HSS
  • April 26 – Know Your Way Around Round HSS
  • May 31 – Unlocking the Potential of HSS: Key Insights for Engineers From a Fabrication Perspective
  • June 28 – Through-Bolts and Blind Bolts to HSS | Free
  • August 30 – Beam to HSS Column Axial and Moment Connection Examples
  • October 4 – Building Greener Part 1: Addressing Climate Change With Structural Steel
  • October 25 – Building Greener Part 2: An HSS and WF Comparative Case Study
  • December 6 – HSS Truss Connections

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Slotted HSS to Gusset Plate Connections

Brace Yourself – HSS Brace Design and Detailing

May 8

HSS stacks of rectangular, square and round

HSS Fundamentals for the Fabricator and Designer

Free Webinar | June 5

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