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Figure 1: Roof supported by W-shape beams in one direction and OWSJs in the orthogonal direction

HSS Joists

Hollow Structural Sections

In the pursuit of innovation while prioritizing safety, this STI article delves into the exciting possibilities of Hollow Structur…

Figure 1: Round HSS end-plate connection tested in flexure

Round HSS Bolted End-Plate Connections under Bending Moment

Hollow Structural Sections

Bolted end-plate connections to round HSS are frequently used in tubular steel structures and typically with circular “blank flang…

Laterally offset RHS connections

HSS Beam to HSS Column Connections

Hollow Structural Sections

Hollow Structural Section (HSS) beams have become a popular choice as girt members in modern construction, playing a crucial role …

Matthew Aquino

Leaning on HSS and Cross-Company Collaboration to Achieve Innovative Designs

Hollow Structural Sections

We spoke with Matthew Aquino, PE, SE, about the Design Led-Design Build solutions at Wight & Company, how the firm leans on HSS fo…

Overlapped K-connection design example

Design Example: HSS Overlapped K-Connections With and Without the Hidden Toe Weld

Hollow Structural Sections

Recent research sponsored by the Steel Tube Institute and performed by Bu and Packer1 has shown that welding or not welding the hi…

Figure 3: Laboratory testing arrangement

Overlapped HSS K-Connections: To Weld or Not Weld the Hidden Toe?

Hollow Structural Sections

For a proper welded joint to the chord member, an overlapped rectangular HSS K-connection will have one branch welded on top of th…

STI HSS WebsiteHeader Banner13 Students & Faculty

Students & Faculty

Hollow Structural Sections

The Steel Tube Institute promotes the use of steel tubing in construction through various educational resources, including webinar…

Fabrication of Square HSS

Expert Tips for Cost-Effective HSS Specification and Fabrication

Hollow Structural Sections

Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) are an increasingly popular choice in structural steel design. They offer superior strength-to-we…

jBessmer Tn 650 Insights from a Steel Fabricator: Overcoming Fabrication Challenges through Communication, Technology, and Experience

Insights from a Steel Fabricator: Overcoming Fabrication Challenges through Communication, Technology, and Experience

Hollow Structural Sections

Our team was able to meet with Jesse Bessmer, director of project management and quality assurance at Metal Works, to discuss his …

Mercedes Benz Stadium

Utilizing Technology, Expertise and Communication for Better Connection Design Outcomes

Hollow Structural Sections

Our team was able to meet and interview Jerod Hoffman and Eric Corwin at Meyer Borgman Johnson to learn more about their experienc…

HSS Articles Authored by Dr. Jeffrey A. Packer

An international authority and a leading expert in the field of tubular steel structures. Dr. Jeffrey A. Packer has contributed several technical articles on behalf of STI to assist practicing engineers and architects in HSS design.

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