HSS Tolerances

Here you will find the STI Tolerance Guide, as well as additional resources to serve as a guide for knowing what your HSS tolerances are and how to appropriately measure them.  HSS tolerance measurements are critical for HSS producers, steel fabricators, and service centers.  And knowing the allowable variations in dimensions are important for architects and engineers as well.  STI aims to be your resource and guide on HSS tolerances.

Tolerance Guide

STI’s Methods to Check Dimensional Tolerances On Hollow Structural Sections summarizes the tolerances allowed by ASTM A500 for engineers and architects and offers detailed instructions on checking tolerances for producers, service centers and fabricators.

Measuring HSS Tolerances Webinar

STI’s Measuring HSS Tolerances webinar summarizes the required ASTM tolerances for HSS and steps through videos demonstrating the measurements being taken.

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