HSS Insider – Dec. 2023 – Laser Cutting HSS

HSS Insider HSS Insider - Dec. 2023 - Laser Cutting HSS

December 2023 | Issue #24

Beam-to-HSS Column Moment Connections Using Laser-Cut Columns

Figure 5: W-shape beams inserted into round HSS column, prior to welding (Adige-Sys SpA)

Creating a connection with moment capacity between a wide flange beam and an HSS column can be done numerous ways with varying degrees of difficulty and complexity. This article discusses the intricacies of those connections, showcasing how innovative approaches to beam-to-column connections, using laser cutting technology, enable high-precision cuts that can be performed quickly and economically. Discover more about how this innovative technology is advancing the fabrication process.

Mark Mercurio, regional sales manager at Mazak Optonics Corp.

The Cutting Edge of Fabrication: Laser Cutting HSS

In our exclusive interview with Mark Mercurio, the regional sales manager at Mazak Optonics Corp., Mark provides valuable insights into the world of 3D laser-cutting machines, with a spotlight on Mazak’s 3D FABRI GEAR 400 III. Read the full interview for insider perspectives on how fabricators can harness the power of HSS laser cutting, speed up timelines and increase accuracy.


There’s Still Time to Earn Your PDHs in 2023

Downers Grove High School North

License renewal deadlines are approaching, so meet your continuing education requirements by earning your PDHs before December 31 with STI’s Webinars On Demand! You can watch recorded webinars on topics including HSS connections, AESS, welding, seismic, sustainability and more. Then, take the 10-question quiz to earn your PDH. 

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Voortman robotic welding machine

HSS are an increasingly popular choice in structural steel design. They offer superior strength-to-weight ratios, and their smooth and uniform appearance make them an attractive option for architectural applications. However, when appropriate considerations are not taken, fabrication can be challenging and expensive. We interviewed 11 fabricators for tips on specifying HSS connections to be more cost-effective and efficient.

Webinars On Demand: What Your Fabricator Wishes You Knew About HSS

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Effective communication between engineers and fabricators is vital for projects to be completed efficiently and on time. Get an inside look at what fabricators really want engineers to know to help reduce costs and streamline processes when using HSS. By watching this Webinar On Demand, you can earn 1.0 PDH after purchasing and passing a 10-question, multiple-choice quiz.

In The News

Nucor Reveals Initiative to Reduce Emissions

Nucor recently unveiled their plan for a net-zero greenhouse gas output by 2050. With clean electricity, carbon capture, and near-zero greenhouse gas iron making, Nucor is at the forefront of a more sustainable future.

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