ASTM A1085

More Efficient Material

ASTM A1085 provides enhanced performance to make designing with HSS easier and more efficient for structural engineers.  Some of the benefits of the new specification include:

Tighter Tolerances – ASTM A1085 cuts the allowable wall tolerance of A500 in half while also adding a mass tolerance.  The result is a section that allows specifiers to use the full nominal wall thickness for section properties and connection designs to support more capacity.

Yield Stresses – ASTM A1085 specifies a single minimum yield stress of 50 ksi for all shapes and caps the yield stress at 50 ksi.  This makes it an ideal choice for seismic applications which rely on capacity design.

Toughness Requirements – ASTM A1085 requires a standard Charpy V-notch test resulting in 25 ft-lb at 40 degrees F making this material suitable for AASHTO Zone 2 fracture critical elements or other applications where toughness is imperative.

Availability – ASTM A1085 is currently being domestically produced, although not stocked in most service centers. It is best to check with a producer to ensure the shapes you are specifying are available. Please send an inquiry to before submitting drawings for construction and STI will coordinate the availability of any A1085 material.

View these ASTM A1085 resources:

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