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Understanding Hazardous Locations and the NEC Requirements for Conduit and Tubing

Steel Conduit

Steel Conduit Tech Talk: Physical Protection of Circuits

Steel Conduit

New GEMI Analysis Software improves and simplifies protective power system design

Steel Conduit

Free downloadable program draws on extensive research to properly evaluate effective ground-fault current paths and EMI in electri…

Steel Conduit Installation Guides

Steel Conduit

View installation procedures and requirements as well as a downloadable PDF of the full Steel Conduit Installation Guide.

Steel Conduit Tech Talk: Fire Ratings

Steel Conduit

Steel Conduit Tech Talk: Fittings

Steel Conduit

Steel Conduit Tech Talk: Simple Yet Versatile Safeguard for Conductors

Steel Conduit

Steel Conduit Tech Talk: Grounding

Steel Conduit

6 Steps to Restoring Steel Conduit Electrical Systems

Steel Conduit

Operating Room: EMI Mitigation

Steel Conduit

Tolerance Brochure

STI’s Methods to Check Dimensional Tolerances On Hollow Structural Sections summarizes the tolerances allowed by ASTM A500 for engineers and architects and offers detailed instructions on checking tolerances for producers, service centers and fabricators.

Measuring HSS Tolerances Webinar

STI’s Measuring HSS Tolerances webinar summarizes the required ASTM tolerances for HSS and steps through videos demonstrating the measurements being taken.


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