HSS Insider – Jul. 2023 – HSS Beam to HSS Column Connections

HSS Insider HSS Insider - Jul. 2023 - HSS Beam to HSS Column Connections

July 2023 | Issue #20

HSS Beam to HSS Column Connections

HSS Beam to HSS Column Connection

As the demand for HSS beams continues to grow across diverse industries, this article serves as a resource offering a broad library of detailing options for connecting HSS beams to HSS columns under varying loading conditions.  In addition, an illustrative example is provided, exploring the required limit state checks to consider.

Matthew Aquino, PE, SE, Director of Building Engineering at Wight & Company

Leaning on HSS and Cross-Company Collaboration to Achieve Innovative Designs

Learn how AEC firm Wight & Company uses HSS in their Design Led-Design Build approach to deliver stunning, cost-effective structures through their collaboration and innovative thinking.

Upcoming Webinar

Beam to HSS Column Axial and Moment Connection Examples

STI 08 30 23 Webinar 500w HSS Insider - Jul. 2023 - HSS Beam to HSS Column Connections

Unleash the full potential of moment and axial connections in your framing systems with our informative webinar!  Join us as we delve into the critical joint between wide flange beams and HSS columns, where the transfer of beam axial and moment loads takes center stage.  Gain practical knowledge of various connections types, along with their economic considerations, and elevate your expertise with design examples.  Don’t miss this opportunity on August 30th to master axial and moment connections and earn 1.0 PDH upon completion.

This live webinar has already been presented. HSS Professional Members may access the recorded webinar for free and order the quiz by clicking the button below. Note, you will need to log in to your account.

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Laterally Offset HSS Connections

Strain Gauges HSS Insider - Jul. 2023 - HSS Beam to HSS Column Connections

This article by Jeffrey A. Packer discusses design considerations and recent analytical, experimental and numerical research for flush HSS girts to column connections that are laterally offset.

On-Demand Webinar: Tube-to-Tube Design Examples

Tube-To-Tube Design Examples Webinar On Demand

Explore detailing options for HSS beam connections and step through an example for a laterally offset connection in this STI webinar. You’ll also learn how to determine applicable limit states and translate calculation results into details. Attendees can earn 1.0 PDH and receive a certificate by purchasing and passing a quiz.

Green Fact

Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs) have a lower GWP compared to Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOFs) because they are more energy-efficient and generate less carbon dioxide emissions per ton of steel produced. The use of scrap (recycled) steel as the main raw material in EAFs also reduces the need for the extraction, transportation, and processing of new raw materials, which can have a significant impact on the GWP.

What percent of U.S. steelmaking comes from EAFs, compared to the percent worldwide?

a) 52% of U.S. steelmaking comes from EAFs, compared to 31% worldwide.
b) 69% of U.S. steelmaking comes from EAFs, compared to 28% worldwide.
c) 82% of U.S. steelmaking comes from EAFs, compared to 43% worldwide.
d) 43% of U.S. steelmaking comes from EAFs, compared to 31% worldwide.

In The News

STI Member Producers Speak at Congressional Steel Caucus Meeting

Bull Moose Industries and Nucor Corporation spoke at the recent hearing to discuss the importance of the federal government investing in renewable energy projects, reducing the carbon footprint and strengthening trade laws that support American production and American workers. Click below to read their statements and watch the video.

Architecture Firm Billings Rebound in May

The Architecture Billings Index (ABI) score saw an increase in May’s billings and design contracts, indicating that along with recent inflation declines and a pause on increasing interest rates, the economy may be stabilizing. Click below to read more on the stats and AIA’s survey results of the impacts of remote work on productivity.

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