HSS Insider – Feb 2023 – HSS Shear & Moment Connections

HSS Insider Banner HSS Insider - Feb 2023 - HSS Shear & Moment Connections

February 2023 | Issue #17

A Look at HSS Connection Examples

Deep Dive Into HSS Shear and Moment Connection Examples

WF Beam-to-HSS Column Single Plate Shear Connection

In this article, we explore two HSS connection examples, the WF Beam to HSS Column Single Plate Shear Connection, and the HSS to HSS Connection, with Shear, Axial and In-Plane Moment. Examples similar to these, and much more, can be found in STI’s HSS Design Manuals.

Utilizing Technology, Expertise and Communication For Better Connection Design Outcomes 

Jerod Hoffman and structural engineer Eric Corwin at Meyer Borgman Johnson

We interviewed managing director Jerod Hoffman and structural engineer Eric Corwin at Meyer Borgman Johnson on their expertise and experiences with streamlining business and adapting emerging technologies within their steel connection design team.

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Reach New Heights With Jumbo HSS

Whitney Museum featuring hollow structural sections

Oversized HSS can be a superior, cost-effective alternative to open sections and built-up shapes when striving for high ceilings, wide bays and long spans. Watch our next webinar to learn more including the HSS alternatives to cruciform shapes and see an example of column heights for HSS vs. wide-flange sections. Earn 1.0 PDH and receive a certificate upon completion.

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Related Resources

AISC 360-16 Limit State Tables

Limit State Tables

In the AISC 360-16 Specification, there are significant changes to Chapter K. We have created Limit State Tables to assist designers in navigating changes that summarize both limit state equations and limits of applicability for several types of HSS connections.

HSS Design Manuals

HSS Design Manuals Volumes 1-4

The HSS Design Manuals provide valuable design information, member design tables, and a multitude of connection design examples. The digital PDF of Volume 1: Section Properties & Design Information is now available for free at the link below. Additional Volumes 2 through 4, with member design tables and connection design examples, are available for purchase.

Green Fact

Which steel making process typically results in lower Global Warming Potential (GWP)?

a) Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs)
b) Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOFs)
c) Both Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs) and Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOFs) result in similar GWP. 

STI News

HSS Producers Capability Tool Updates

STI launched updates to the HSS Producers Capability Tool which include the latest producers’ availability of HSS and the addition of jumbo HSS sizes. A513 grades are also now available with the existing A500, A1085 and A1065 grades.

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