HSS Insider – Apr 2023 – HSS Fabrication Tips & Insights

HSS Insider Banner HSS Insider - Apr 2023 - HSS Fabrication Tips & Insights

April 2023 | Issue #18

Expert Tips for Cost Effective HSS Specification and Fabrication

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HSS are an increasingly popular choice in structural steel design. They offer superior strength-to-weight ratios, and their smooth and uniform appearance make them an attractive option for architectural applications. However, when appropriate considerations are not taken, fabrication can be challenging and expensive. We interviewed 11 fabricators for tips on specifying HSS to be more cost effective and efficient.

Jesse Bessmer, Director of Project Management and Quality Assurance at Metal Works

Insights from a Steel Fabricator: Overcoming Fabrication Challenges through Communication, Automation, and Efficient Design

Learn how Metal Works, a steel fabricator located in Oroville, California, overcomes challenges in fabricating HSS. In this interview, Jesse Bessmer, Director of Project Management and Quality Assurance, shares insights on successful steel projects, communication, special equipment, and recommendations for designers. 

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Unlocking the Potential of HSS: Key Insights for Engineers from a Fabrication Perspective

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to reduce costs and save time by effectively collaborating with your fabricator. Join our webinar on May 31, 2023, to gain insights on HSS detailing and design tips that STI gathered from conversations with 11 fabricators. If you missed this session at NASCC, you can view it here. By attending the webinar in full and answering the poll questions, you’ll be eligible to receive a certificate of completion and earn 1.0 PDH.

This live webinar has already been presented. HSS Professional Members may access the recorded webinar for free and order the quiz by clicking the button below. Note, you will need to log in to your account.

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What Your Fabricator Wishes You Knew About HSS

HSS Fabrication from Lincoln Electric

Designing with HSS can be more cost-efficient when the correct steps are taken. Despite the general belief that wide-flange members are less expensive, HSS can often be more efficient and cost-effective.  By following these tips, you can help decrease HSS detailing costs and ensure that your project remains cost-effective.

CJP HSS Welds: Be Informed Before You Specify


Create better HSS welds and avoid overdesigning by being informed before specifying complete joint penetration (CJP) welds. CJP welds are rarely required and can result in uneconomical connections, so find out what considerations to take when specifying them in designs. 

Green Fact

Producing a ton of steel today in North America requires how much less energy than it did 40 years ago?

a) 26% less
b) 34% less
c) 42% less
d) 50% less
e) 58% less

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In The News

AISI Reports March SIMA Imports Data

The Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis (SIMA) data for March totaled 2,705,000 net tons (NT) for steel import permit applications, up 23.1% from February. The estimated finished steel import market share for March was 22% and 23% year-to-date. Click below to read more on the latest data.

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