Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

On behalf of our member producers, STI has developed an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) and related products. This EPD can be used to calculate credits within the LEEDv4 rating system and to meet a growing number of procurement requirements for government and industry, including Buy Clean legislation. Producer-specific EPDs for STI members may be found on this page.

More detailed information on fundamentals of environmental issues, Buy Clean, and helpful tips for steel suppliers, fabricators, and designers is available in this article.

HSS Industry-Average EPDs
On behalf of our member producers, STI developed an Industry-Average Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Unfabricated HSS and related products, as well as partnered with AISC in developing an Industry-Average Fabricated HSS EPD. Both the Unfabricated and Fabricated EPDs can be found below.

Download industry-average non-fabricated HSS EPD
Download industry-average fabricated HSS EPD

The Industry-Average EPDs cover the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM A500 Standard Specification for Cold-Formed Welded and Seamless Carbon Steel Structural Tubing in Rounds and Shapes
  • ASTM A513 Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing
  • ASTM A847 Standard Specification for Cold-Formed Welded and Seamless High-Strength, Low-Alloy Structural Tubing with Improved Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance
  • ASTM A1085 Standard Specification for Cold-Formed Welded Carbon Steel Hollow Structural Sections (HSS)

Additionally, the following products are produced by the manufacturers and are included in this declaration as they use the same materials and processes to manufacture:

  • ASTM A135 Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe
  • ASTM A252 Standard Specification for Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe Piles
  • ASTM A53 Standard Specification for Pipe
  • ASTM A795 Standard Specification for Black and Hot-Dipped Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe for Fire Protection
  • CSA G40.21 General Requirements for Rolled or Welded Structural Quality Steel

Participating Companies
The following companies participated in the development of the EPD through their membership in STI.  For that reason, this EPD is only applicable to products supplied by these firms. All STI members who produce HSS contributed to this EPD, including:

  • Atlas Tube
  • Nucor Tubular Products
  • Maruichi American Corporation
  • Maruichi Leavitt Pipe & Tube, LLC
  • Maruichi Oregon Steel Tube (MOST)
  • Searing Industries
  • Vest, Inc.
  • Wheatland Tube

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