Steel Conduit’s Fire Resistance

Where steel RMC, IMC or EMT raceways are used to penetrate a fire-resistance-rated assembly of concrete or masonry, both the International Building Code (IBC) and NFPA 5000 allow the annular space to be filled (sealed) with cement, mortar, or grout instead of having to use a listed firestop system. This is an inexpensive and readily available alternative that ensures that the fire-resistance rating of the penetrated assembly is not degraded.

fire resistance image Steel Conduit’s Fire Resistance

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In summary, steel conduit and tubing are the ideal choice for applications in places of assembly:

  • Galvanized steel RMC, IMC and EMT are considered non-combustible by the building codes.
  • Steel raceways were still intact after a UL four-hour ASTM E119 test at near 2000 F.
  • They do not add to fuel load or flame spread.
  • They have a higher melting point.

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