Durability of Steel Conduit

Today’s buildings are designed for life spans of 50 to 80 years — and steel conduit lasts at least that long, making it the essential component of modern electrical systems. Steel conduit resists all common forms of wear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Strength to Withstand Mechanical Injury

Steel provides superior protection from physical damage by forklifts or other plant equipment.

Superior Corrosion Protection

Unlike other types of metal conduit, galvanized steel conduit can be used in concrete, direct burial and areas with severe corrosive influences.

Lifelong EMI Shielding

Because physical impact and corrosive elements don’t compromise its integrity, steel conduit retains its ability to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) over time. That’s why you can rely on steel conduit for applications with highly sensitive computers and data — from banks and casinos to housing complexes. In today’s culture, where people often work remotely and pay bills on their mobile devices, virtually every application benefits from steel conduit’s EMI-shielding capabilities.

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