Welding Steel Conduit

Question: Can you provide information about the welding of steel conduit and about welding things to it?

Answer: Galvanized steel conduit and tubing can be successfully welded.  However, the zinc coating that provides corrosion protection will likely be damaged around the area of the weld.  This may shorten the life of the raceway.  Once electrical conduit or tubing has something welded to it, it is no longer in conformance with UL and ANSI C80 standards.  In addition, Section 300.18(B) of the National Electrical Code prohibits metal raceways from being supported, terminated, or connected by welding to the raceway.

If the conduit or tubing is not being used in an electrical application (the intended use of conduit and EMT) and the installer decides to weld the product, proper precautions must be taken, since welding naturally produces smoke and fumes.  Refer to MSDS sheets for steel tubular products for more information.

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