The Strength and Versatility of EMT

Choosing the right wiring method for the job is critical, which makes electrical metallic tubing (EMT) an excellent choice for contractors. Covered by Article 358 of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®), EMT provides physical protection and corrosion resistance, allowing it to be used in exposed, concealed or wet locations. It can also be used as an equipment grounding conductor, eliminating the need for a separate grounding conductor. Plus, it makes future wiring changes easy. This versatility makes EMT a strong, reliable wiring method.

Some jobs specify alternative wiring methods, such as metal-clad (MC) cable. Covered by Article 330 of the NEC, MC cable provides less physical protection for conductors than EMT does. In order to demonstrate this difference in protective qualities, the Steel Tube Institute Conduit Technical Committee contracted with Intertek (ETL SEMKO) to perform comparative crush and impact testing. In both tests, EMT clearly outperformed MC cable. Watch for the full story in next month’s blog post, or see the testing details and results now.

October 2016

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