Simple Guidelines for Painting Steel EMT or Conduit

Want to paint your steel EMT or conduit, but don’t know whether painting complies with the National Electrical Code® (NEC®)? We are often asked this question. The NEC does not prohibit the painting of steel EMT or conduit, but it is important to maintain grounding continuity. The painting should be done after installation to maintain that continuity. If painting is done prior to installation, the ends of the EMT or conduit must be taped off during painting, with the tape removed afterward, to provide continuity when installed. All STI members provide colored EMT direct from the factory, and most members also provide colored IMC or rigid on special order. But if you want to match exposed EMT or conduit to your specific paint color, we suggest you refer to the websites of paint manufacturers who post guidelines for painting galvanized products.

April 2016

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