Raceways Installed in Concrete

  • All steel conduit and EMT runs through concrete shall be fully made up and secured to reinforcing rods to prevent movement during the concrete pour.
  • Conduit and EMT stubs installed in poured floors shall be effectively closed immediately after installation. Suggested means for closing are wrapping with a heavy grade of tape, installation of a capped bushing, or plugs designed for the purpose. Stubs shall remain closed during construction, or until the raceway is extended to a termination point.

NOTE: This is to protect threads from damage and to prevent debris from entering the conduit before and after the concrete pour.

  • Comply with Sections 4.6.2 and 4.6.3 of this document for supplementary corrosion protection.
  • Conduit shall be supported to prevent damage prior to and during the concrete pour.
  • When nonmetallic conduits / tubing are used in or under floor slabs or concrete pours, change to steel conduit prior to exiting the floor or slab.

Where completion of the raceway system will be delayed, the stub shall be marked in some manner to indicate a supplemental equipment grounding conductor is required because the entire run is not metal, and therefore not electrically continuous.

NOTE: This is necessary to ensure that a change in installer does not result in thinking the entire run is metal and, therefore, that no supplemental equipment grounding conductor is necessary.

  • Section 4.3.2 shall apply for requirements regarding taping of joints in concrete.
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