Prepare for Tomorrow by Choosing Steel Conduit Today

While steel conduit may cost more upfront than other electrical system material options, its benefits pay off in the long run. Steel conduit provides the strongest circuit protection and allows for change — ensuring that your facility is prepared for whatever the future might hold.

Specifically, steel conduit easily accommodates rework during construction and makes it easy to add grounded conductors and enhance electrical capacity over time. And because replacing wires in steel conduit is fast and easy, downtime is minimized whenever repairs are needed. In contrast, upgrading, expanding or repairing electrical systems using cables requires removal or abandonment of the old cables and installation of new cables — adding significant labor and material costs.

When considering wiring methods, choose steel conduit to reduce your total life cycle costs and allow for change over time. For more information about how steel conduit helps you prepare for the future, read our Tech Talk article.

December 2015

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