HSS Spreadsheet Design Aids

HSS Professional Membership includes access to HSS-specific connection spreadsheet design aids.  Each of the four spreadsheets offered calculates the available connection strength per the AISC Specification 360-22 and AISC 14th Edition Steel Manual, including pertinent limit state calculations and corresponding limits of applicability checks.  With a few inputs of connection geometry and loading, these design aids will output the connection capacity compared with the maximum load combination.  The narrative tabs offer guidance in using the spreadsheets and outline calculation assumptions.

The HSS spreadsheet design aids include:

Moment connection of wide flange beam to HSS column

This spreadsheet calculates the capacity of three types of HSS moment connections: Directly Welded, Beam Over HSS Column, and Through-Plate. Refer to the Shear Connection spreadsheet to determine connection available strength for the shear portion of the connection design.

Truss connections

This spreadsheet calculates the capacity of T-, Y-, Cross- and K- HSS truss connections per AISC 360-22. The K-connection tab works for both gapped and overlapped conditions. The T-, Y-, and Cross-connection tab will calculate up to 4 branches at a single node.    

Shear connection of a wide flange beam to HSS column

This spreadsheet calculates the capacity of single plate shear connections to HSS columns per the extended configuration guidelines in Part 10 of the 14th Edition Steel Manual in conjunction with AISC 360-22.

Column design aid

This spreadsheet calculates the axial, shear, and bending capacity of a composite HSS column section filled with concrete per AISC 360-22 Chapter I. The summary tab shows the inputs, capacity, and interaction while the calculations tab clearly shows all calculations performed.     

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