Communications Circuits

  • Steel conduit / tubing for low voltage or communications circuits shall terminate in boxes, enclosures, or wireways.
  • If steel RMC. IMC or EMT raceways are installed for future use, pull wires shall be provided and the raceways shall be plugged.
  • Stub raceways for communications circuits are permitted in a suspended ceiling space, basement space or similar area, rather than running the raceway unbroken from outlet to outlet. When the stub-in method is used, a connector, bushing, or other fitting shall be installed at the end of the raceway to protect the cable. Pull wires are to be installed in all stub-in raceways, and provisions are to be made to prevent debris from entering the conduit or EMT.
  • Bends shall be limited to two 90-degree bends. See Section 4.2.1 (c).
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