Advantages of Using Steel Conduit

Steel conduit provides the best physical protection you can get. But this is only one of the many advantages of using steel conduit. Additional benefits include:

  • Protection against impact at all temperatures
  • Deflects hand-driven nails and screws, and doesn’t stretch or tear
  • Highest yield and tensile strengths
  • Doesn’t burn, contribute to smoke volume, emit potentially escape-inhibiting fire gases, or add to fuel load or flame spread
  • Non-combustible and can be firestopped with common building materials
  • Provides an excellent electrical path to ground, eliminating the need for supplementary equipment grounding
  • Reduces EMF by up to 95% at power frequencies
  • Compatible coefficient of expansion with most construction materials
  • Adaptable and can easily accommodate wiring changes
  • Fully recyclable

The Cost Advantage of Steel Conduit

The ability to future proof the electrical system by using steel conduit lowers the total cost of the system during its life span. Today, the need to replace or upgrade power, data and communications circuits can happen overnight. Requirements for more sophisticated electronic equipment, increased power requirements or new applications can cause owners and tenants to demand changes in the wiring of their plants, retail complexes or buildings. Steel conduit is adaptable and can accommodate these changes, making it easier to pull out old wiring and install new systems. Steel conduit also provides the quickest and most efficient changeover or upgrading of electrical conductors. It all adds up to make steel conduit the most cost-effective wiring method over time — and this is only one of the many benefits steel conduit provides.

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