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Prepare for Tomorrow by Choosing Steel Conduit Today

While steel conduit may cost more upfront than other electrical system material options, its benefits pay off in the long run. Steel conduit provides the strongest circuit protection and allows for change — ensuring that your facility is prepared for whatever the future might hold. Specifically, steel conduit easily accommodates rework during construction and makes[…]

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IMC Facts

  The questions and answers below are based on the current edition of the NEC®.  However, local codes can differ, and your authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) may have opinions that also differ. It is always important to verify your planned installation with the local AHJ. We’ve been asked several questions about the use of intermediate[…]

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Does the Conduit Industry Need Specific Color Standards for Colored Conduit Use?

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Welcome to the age of color! Colored conduit is rapidly becoming a normal part of building planning and construction. Some facility managers have already recognized the benefits of using colored conduit and have developed their own standards for use in new construction of smart buildings and government buildings, as well as schools and universities. Currently[…]

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