Steel Tube Institute Conduit Committee adds industry expert Paul Dobrowsky to consultant team

The Steel Conduit Committee’s experts make conduit technical data, resources and application knowledge more accessible to construction, engineering and electrical audiences

January 30, 2020 – Glenview, IL – The Steel Tube Institute Conduit Committee today announced it is growing its team of experts by welcoming electrical industry expert Paul Dobrowsky as a technical consultant in a part-time capacity. He brings more than 40 years of experience to the team and will support the Steel Conduit Division in educating construction / building, engineering and electrical professionals about steel conduit’s applications, benefits and electrical standards. Dobrowsky will complement Joe Andre, who will continue his role as a technical consultant with the Institute, also in a part-time capacity.

Dobrowsky’s expertise spans electrical and occupational safety, machinery and equipment standards, electrical construction, maintenance, and program and policy development. He holds a number of certifications: Licensed Master Electrician, IAEI Certified Electrical Inspector, and certified OSHA Construction Safety and Health Instructor. Additionally, he is a senior member of IEEE and is actively involved with industry organizations including ASSP, ASTM, IAEI, IEEE, NFPA and UL. Dobrowsky is also a member of NEC CMP5, NFPA 70E and NFPA 79.

“I’m honored to join the Steel Tube Institute’s Steel Conduit Division, a leading, reliable electrical industry resource,” said Dobrowsky. “I’m excited for the opportunity to combine my experiences and background with standards committees to develop and instruct educational programs for steel conduit.”

“Paul is an excellent addition to our team of experts,” said Dale Crawford, conduit director of the Steel Tube Institute. “We rely on industry champions like him to help us develop technical data, resources and tools that illustrate the benefits of steel conduit for construction professionals.”

About the Steel Tube Institute

The Steel Tube Institute was formed in 1930 when a group of manufacturers joined forces to promote and market steel tubing. Their goal was to mount a cooperative effort that would improve manufacturing techniques and inform customers about their products’ utility, versatility and competitive advantages. This, along with providing a forum for the discussion of issues impacting the industry, remains the focus of the Institute’s efforts. Learn more at

The Steel Tube Institute Conduit Committee includes the majority of the leading producers of steel conduit in the United States and Canada. The group provides technical and design assistance for the industry, and promotes the features, benefits and uses of steel conduit. Learn more at

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