Benefits and Applications

The high strength-to-weight ratios of Standard Pipe give it excellent load-bearing capabilities.

Standard Pipe has uniform wall thickness and excellent concentricity, simplifying fabrication and reducing material costs.

Close Tolerances
Standard Pipe offers exceptionally close tolerances for OD, ID and wall thickness dimensions.

Surface Quality 
OD and ID surfaces of Standard Pipe are smooth and defect-free.

Close tolerances reduce waste and scrap loss, making fabrication and installation of Standard Pipe more efficient.

The ductility of Standard Pipe makes it easy to fabricate using conventional framing, joining and finishing practices.

Applications of Standard Pipe

Standard Pipe is the preferred choice for a number of demanding applications. These include: a broad variety of general uses such as carrying gases, water, oil and other fluids; structural use in buildings, bridges and other structures; pipe piling; water well piping; plumbing and heating systems; refrigeration piping; fire protection systems; fencing, railings and posts.