Webinars On Demand: Truss and Bracing Connections With HSS Members


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HSS members can be used for many different applications, but two areas where they are extremely useful are trusses and braces. One big reason for this is their added stability in the weak axis. But after one decides to use HSS for a truss or a brace, what else needs to be considered?

Learning objectives include:

  • How to recognize and properly design different types of truss connections
  • What to do if a given connection doesn’t fit neatly into one of the types
  • What needs to be considered for brace connections, including those in high seismic areas

Professional Development Hours
You can earn 1.0 PDH and receive a certificate of completion from the Steel Tube Institute (STI) by purchasing and passing a quiz. Select from one of the quiz options above.

  • After watching the video you will need to complete a 10-question multiple choice quiz.
  • Upon correctly answering 7 out of the 10 questions, your PDH certificate will be issued within 5 business days.
  • If you are licensed in Florida, Maryland, New York, and/or North Carolina please email your license number(s) to sfontaine@steeltubeinstitute.org.

Webinar on Demand Fees
The recorded webinar video is free to view. The PDH quiz is available for $50. You will receive access to the webinar and/or quiz in your order receipt.  You may also access them through your account in Past Orders after you have completed your purchase.

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