Benefits and Applications

Here are some of the principal benefits you can expect from as-welded tubing in mechanical applications:

As-welded tubing has uniform wall thickness and concentricity, as well as uniform mechanical properties.

Cold forming gives as-welded tubing a higher yield and tensile strength than the steel from which it is made.

Less Processing
The close dimensional tolerances of as-welded tubing allows its use for mechanical parts with minimal downstream processing.

Because it undergoes less processing than other types of mechanical tubing, as-welded tubing can provide cost advantages for less-demanding applications.

Wide Size Range
As-welded tubing is available in an exceptionally broad range of OD and wall thickness dimensions.

Variety of Shapes
As-welded tubing is produced in round, square and rectangular shapes and in a variety of special shapes to meet the needs of individual applications.


Applications of Mechanical Tubing

As-welded tubing is a cost-effective choice for hydroformed or stamped body assemblies and a variety of mechanical components for autos and trucks, farm equipment and construction equipment. Other principal applications include:

  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Steel furniture for homes, offices and institutions
  • Exercise equipment
  • Recreational vehicles and equipment
  • Store fixtures
  • Industrial machinery
  • Material handling equipment