DOM tubing is the preferred choice for a number of demanding applications such as hydraulic cylinders, auto and truck components, agricultural equipment and others. Uses include:

Matching components

Barrels and plungers; telescoping cylinders; tool extensions; adjustable lights.

Moving components

Auto and truck axles; high-speed shafts; printing, textile and paper mill rolls.

Fluid handling components

Auto engine assemblies and other components through which liquids will flow, especially at high speeds.

Strength-to-weight ratio

Parts requiring an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio such as hydraulic cylinders.

DOM is used as hydraulic cylinders for farm equipment. Automobiles and trucks use DOM in many parts, including axles, bearings, suspension parts, shock absorbers and engine assemblies. Hydraulic cylinders made from DOM are used in a variety of equipment such as low-lift elevators and construction cranes.