The Steel Tube Institute (STI) promotes the growth and competitiveness of North America's steel tubular products industry, seeks to enhance manufacturing techniques, and informs consumers about the utility and versatility of steel tube and pipe.
STI's membership consists both of Active Members - producers of steel tube and pipe - and Associate Members - companies that supply raw materials, equipment and support services. Click the image to find out what Board President, Rick Werner, says about STI membership.
SAVE THE DATE: The Annual STI Fall Meeting will be held in Florida this year on November 19 - November 21. Please save the date!

Steel Tube Institute Safety Committee Opens Future Meetings to Non-Members

The Steel Tube Institute (STI), which has a mission of promoting the growth and competitiveness of North America’s steel tubular products industry, is pleased to announce it will be welcoming non-members who are involved in pipe and tube to attend future meetings of the organization’s Safety Committee. Held three times per year, these meetings bring … » Continue Reading.

Connect with Steel Tube Institute On LinkedIn

Along with all the information you’ll find here on our website, make sure to connect with STI on LinkedIn by becoming a member of our group. Receive updates on the latest industry news, post and review job openings, pose and answer questions, and much more. Just go to LinkedIn and search groups for The Steel Tube Institute.

STI Appoints Anderson New Director of HSS Committee

STI has announced the appointment of Joseph G. Anderson as the organization's HSS Director. The HSS Director works directly with the members of STI's HSS Committee who represent the majority of the producers of structural steel tubing in the USA and Canada. Find out more by clicking here.